Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Top Reasons to Love or Hate Social Media

  1. Small businesses with big ideas and small marketing budgets can become thought leaders and big businesses.
  2. I can research my book topic and my ancestry, in my slippers and bathrobe, on blogs, websites, chat rooms, and discussion groups.
  3. I can round out a photo slideshow gift by collecting photos of events I missed by downloading them from my ‘Friends’ Facebook Pages.
  4. I can read ebooks, watch webinars, read blogs to get smart on what happened in digital marketing while I was off changing diapers.
  5. I can Skype my young nieces and nephew and see their Halloween costumes, real time, and my niece studying in Cyprus can give me a virtual tour of her apartment.
  6. I can utilize LinkedIn and online alumni career services to drive a job search and candidate search without stepping foot in a career center.
  7. My friend can launch a Twitter smear campaign against the luxury hotel that gave a lame response to his room break-in.
  8. Communities to make businesses and the world a better place can be created by making connections between people who are 1,000 miles away or 100 yards away but who may never otherwise connect.
  9. A granny in Fargo can become an overnight social media sensation without having the time to bother with Twitter, Facebook and all that other “crap.”
  10. Arab Spring. Enough said.

  1. That the woman at the table next to me in the restaurant (on the rare occasion I get out for a peaceful dinner) can only get off her phone long enough to send texts.
  2. That bullies can shove my friend’s son in the high school bathroom, take his picture and send it viral through texts and Facebook.
  3. That my husband won’t change his Facebook setting to stop getting emails with every Facebook update he receives, and that he reports them to me each day.
  4. That a message’s tone is open to wide interpretation.
  5. That big talkers with little minds can look important in the blogosphere (but they eventually get ratted out).
  6. That Facebook keeps changing how we have to set our privacy settings.
  7. That our culture is accepting that social media tools are adequate replacements for face-to-face social interaction.
  8. That not only do I have to monitor my children’s time on Xbox, TV, the Internet, iPods and iPads, I should also be policing their chats, Facebook accounts, email, Minecraft allies and something new tomorrow.
  9. That I never feel caught up.
  10. That Google knows way too much about me.
What did I leave out?

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  1. I hate that kids are on all of their social media ...but are not being social in the playground and street corners with wiffle ball games or dodge ball...but I'm old.. I like the fact that I can give my work phone or lap top to my kids who will program it with my favorite songs, pictures, apps and mail or set up a social media structure and all I have to do is sign on and play.