Monday, August 13, 2012

Lessons Learned This Summer

My mixed bag of social media and life lessons:
  • Sports: MLB players on the DL take time to tweet from the dugout of the All-Star Game. Has social media surpassed sunflower seeds and tobacco spitting as baseball players' boredom beaters?

  • Celebrity: Predictions of new TV lineup successes are tied to the number of Twitter followers of the shows' stars.

  • International Social Media Binge: Olympics' Opening Ceremonies tweets clog the social media highway.

  • Olympics and Needham, MA: An unknown gymnast with nerves of steel earns gold medals and the love of her town - Way to go Aly Raisman! Puttin' Needham on the map!

  • Suburban Life: I love my neighborhood and my friends within it (this is not a new lesson, just a recurring realization that never gets old)! See photo below for details - nice to have our castle guarded while we were out looking for sharks.

  • Work: I am the only crazy person I know who starts a new job in mid-August - two years in a row!

  • Home Life: Pulling away from the house each summer day, leaving the kids behind, stinks.

  • Family: Children are joy. Two teenagers are harder than one.

  • Anxiety: Don't worry until they tell you it is time to worry. Otherwise, you've either worried for nothing or wasted time worrying twice as much as necessary.

Summer isn't over, but it sort of feels like it is almost gone! Make the most of what is left!

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