Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Whether you are happy or sad about last week’s elections, one of the big challenges ahead of us as a country is preserving or refurbishing our sense of unity. If you were happy at last week’s presidential election outcome, you were probably disappointed with the outcome eight years ago. And vice versa. Over time, all of us have to deal with election outcomes we do not embrace. We are a diverse country made up of many different desires and values. I would venture to say that we have more in common that keeps us together than differences that pull us apart. That togetherness is often hard to see in action with the vitriol on display in Washington DC and in our local election campaigns. It would be great if the new act of heroism became that of compromise for the common good. Do you think our leaders in Washington and at the state levels understand how many of us want a united nation?

I read a very interesting blog post today that I thought worth sharing. Aside from this creative post on the subject of unity, both of the Bates Communication blogs (Power Speaker blog or the Bates Communication blog) are ones I recommend for business leaders seeking to improve or capitalize on their communication skills. These blogs have a number of contributors, each with insightful points that are easy to read in a collective style I enjoy. I wanted to pass it along in case you find value in them too.

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  1. Interesting blogs and interesting insight regarding Unity...your last blog regarding social media and the elections was interesting also