Sunday, April 21, 2013

Help. Thanks. Wow.

One day, not that far from now, I’m quite sure my oldest son will run the Boston Marathon. On that day, my plan will be to cheer him on at the half-way mark, then bike into Boston to meet him at the finish line. It will be a forever-changed finish line from the pre-bombing one we were used to seeing. But I echo the shared feelings of those who love the Boston Marathon and its special day in firmly believing we will do everything we can to heal the survivors, honor the victims, and learn from this week’s horrible tragedy to enable it to continue as the iconic event it is. Saving the event is important for our city's and nation's psyche. But saving the shattered people left in the bombing's wake is the ultimate goal.

I have turned numerous times this week to Anne Lamott’s book, Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. This week, there was much reason to call out for Help. Not so much for Thanks and Wow. But in all of the stress, fear, and loss, the light of the Thanks and Wow poked through the black. And it is the sources of the Thanks and Wow – the first responders, others who responded when it was not their assigned role, courageous victims, the Boston police chief, our governor, the fantastic people of Boston & Watertown, the country that showed over and over that they care – that will continue to help us balance our new feelings of vulnerability with the courage we need to live in this crazy, unpredictable world.

Help the victims and their families heal physically and mentally. Thanks for the gift of people who, through training and/or instinct, run toward danger when they think they may be able to help. Wow, we are a magnificent, strong people when we put our differences aside and work in an amazingly united front, constructively toward a common goal.

Pray for Peace.

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